Going to Madison this summer

I haven’t posted recently so I thought I’d write an update. I’ve been readmitted to UW-Madison beginning this summer and I’m enrolling in my summer courses tomorrow. I’ve been trying to determine what will my final major be and I’m leaning towards Chemical Engineering. I’ve read the descriptions for the courses in Biomedical Engineering and they’re all overviews. I’d think you’d eventually specialize in something, but its mostly overviews. So I’m leaning towards chemical engineering because I feel like I’ll actually learn more. The downside is that I don’t know if I’ll have enough time for premed classes. So I need to find a way to balance that out. Well its getting late. I may post soon. I may not. Depends on whatever I feel like doing.


All Nighters

Its 2:31 am and I have realized that this semester I’ll be pulling several all nighters. Especially on Sunday nights. Taking 19 credits isn’t the easiest thing, but I’m managing. I have to do these because on Mondays I have English, Dynamics, Chemistry, and Spanish. That means I have 4 homework assignments and 1 lab to do for chemistry. I don’t know if you’d call it laziness, but I do not enjoy doing homework during the weekend. I realize that it needs to be done so I do it Sunday night. Today I had to do 2 paragraphs for English which sounds simple, but I made one of the paragraphs into a page because I had so much to say. I hope I don’t lose points over it. Then in Chemistry I had 2 graphing homework problems which I think is pointless because I doubt I’ll be making many phase diagrams in the Chemistry field. Its fairly simple and I don’t think it should even take class time to each. For Dynamics I have to finish up a few problems for homework and take notes on 3 powerpoint presentations that my teacher has posted for us to go through on our own because he wasn’t in class last week due to a family issue. In Spanish I have to read a story I already read, but rereading so I can have a firm understanding of it. My homework isn’t awfully complicated or difficult, but it is time consuming. I see no point in sleeping 3 hours before I need to wake up because every time I decide to take one of my “naps” I miss my first class and always lose points because of it. This will be my post for Sunday. (I know its Monday morning, but I had nothing to write about earlier) . I think I’m going to buy the domain name for this blog soon and turn it into a full blog filled with videos and such so I can have more control over the content posted on my site.

About me

Well I’ve written about school so far, but this blog wouldn’t be complete without stuff about me. I am currently engaged to a wonderful girl who also has a blog on wordpress (she copied me). I’m from Milwaukee, WI and currently live here. I don’t really know what else to write. I’ll post more or just update this post when I think of more stuff.

Calculus Links

Calculus 1 Notes

Calculus 2 Notes

Teaching Myself Calculus

Lately I’ve been reteaching myself calculus. I took AP Calculus AB in high school and I got college credit for it, I’m planning on taking calc 2 this summer and I need to review everything I’ve learned and learn it on a college level. I noticed that what you learn in a college calc 1 class is different from high school. In high school we could use calculators for graphs and stuff like that, but in college we aren’t calculators at all. So I’m teaching myself calc 1 and 2 from a UW-Madison professor’s notes. They’re really easy to read and go through. I could learn calculus 1 and 2 in a month with these, but since I have a lot of homework from my other classes I can’t just blast through them. I’ll post links to the notes in my links section. They’re completely free and nice to have even if you’re currently taking calculus.

Current Course Load

So for my first post, I think it would be a good idea to let you guys know what I ‘m currently taking for my future posts to make sense. This spring semester I am taking 19 credits and my classes are Composition 2, Conversation and Composition (Spanish 6), General Chemistry 2, Dynamics, Computer Science 1 (Java Programming), and Independent Study in Chemistry: Soil Analysis. All my classes are fairly self explanatory except my independent study. In my independent study I’m titrating soil samples from a field to determine how much organic carbon is present in the soil.