Teaching Myself Calculus

Lately I’ve been reteaching myself calculus. I took AP Calculus AB in high school and I got college credit for it, I’m planning on taking calc 2 this summer and I need to review everything I’ve learned and learn it on a college level. I noticed that what you learn in a college calc 1 class is different from high school. In high school we could use calculators for graphs and stuff like that, but in college we aren’t calculators at all. So I’m teaching myself calc 1 and 2 from a UW-Madison professor’s notes. They’re really easy to read and go through. I could learn calculus 1 and 2 in a month with these, but since I have a lot of homework from my other classes I can’t just blast through them. I’ll post links to the notes in my links section. They’re completely free and nice to have even if you’re currently taking calculus.


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