All Nighters

Its 2:31 am and I have realized that this semester I’ll be pulling several all nighters. Especially on Sunday nights. Taking 19 credits isn’t the easiest thing, but I’m managing. I have to do these because on Mondays I have English, Dynamics, Chemistry, and Spanish. That means I have 4 homework assignments and 1 lab to do for chemistry. I don’t know if you’d call it laziness, but I do not enjoy doing homework during the weekend. I realize that it needs to be done so I do it Sunday night. Today I had to do 2 paragraphs for English which sounds simple, but I made one of the paragraphs into a page because I had so much to say. I hope I don’t lose points over it. Then in Chemistry I had 2 graphing homework problems which I think is pointless because I doubt I’ll be making many phase diagrams in the Chemistry field. Its fairly simple and I don’t think it should even take class time to each. For Dynamics I have to finish up a few problems for homework and take notes on 3 powerpoint presentations that my teacher has posted for us to go through on our own because he wasn’t in class last week due to a family issue. In Spanish I have to read a story I already read, but rereading so I can have a firm understanding of it. My homework isn’t awfully complicated or difficult, but it is time consuming. I see no point in sleeping 3 hours before I need to wake up because every time I decide to take one of my “naps” I miss my first class and always lose points because of it. This will be my post for Sunday. (I know its Monday morning, but I had nothing to write about earlier) . I think I’m going to buy the domain name for this blog soon and turn it into a full blog filled with videos and such so I can have more control over the content posted on my site.


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